Private Box Wellington is moving

After 14 years located at 24B Moorefield Road, our head office is moving to a new space.

Where are we going? 

New office location at Level 1, 6 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037. NewAddresscircled.124045.jpg


Who is affected

Customers who use the Wellington street address (24b Moorefield Road) or pickup mail from the Wellington branch will be affected by this.


We will be moving on the 28th February and the new office opens 2nd March. So - 

Friday 28th February - Closed.

Monday 2nd March - Open at new location.

You can start using the new address from 1st March 2020. 

You can keep using the old 24b Moorefield Road address until 28th Feb 2021

What do you need to do?  

Over the next year you will need to start using the new address on Johnsonville Road. We have an agreement in place at 24b Moorefield Road to keep receiving mail there until 1st March 2021

Why is this happening?

After 14 years at our Moorefield location our landlords (the Johnsonville Medical Centre) are expanding their practise and now require the floor space upstairs as well.


Common Questions: 

Can I keep using the 24B Moorefield Road address?

We will put a redirection on the address at our old office, and leave the redirection active for 12 months until 28th Feb 2021. During this time, we recommend you record details of whoever sends you the mail so you can contact the senders to update your address with them.

After 12 months has passed, the redirection will expire and we will no longer collect mail still being sent to 24B Moorefield Road.

Will my box number / suite number / member number remain the same?

Yes. Your Private Box number is unique your account account and will stay the same (across all of Privatebox addresses). 


If your current address is "Suite 1234, 24b Moorefield Road..."  then your new address will be "Suite 1234, Level 1, 6 Johnsonville Road...."

What about Registered Office for companies?

If you are using the 24B Moorefield Road address as the registered office for your company, you will need to change the address to the new address at 6 Johnsonville Road.

You can do this at your next annual company return or ask Private Box to do this for you.

If you do need assistance with making this change with the NZ Companies Office, please do contact our team and we will gladly help with the administration of your company details.

Can I use an address change service?

Our recommendation would be to not use a address change service as this normally updates your residential address. 

To update your postal address you will need to contact your senders directly. 

We can supply you a list of recent senders and / or some "change my details" postcards free of charge. Just reply to this email to request these. 

What if I am using a NZ Post redirection already?

Some people might have a NZ Post redirection already set-up to get their mail sent to 24b Moorefield Road.

As we will still be getting mail from 24b Moorefield road until 28 Feb 2021 you can wait until the NZ Post Redirection is due for renewal. When you renew it - just make sure you use your new Private Box address at 6 Johnsonville Road.

Also note - if you want to get this sorted right away each NZ Post redirection allows for one update. You can update this online or via a post shop. Or send us the redirection number and we can update this for you on your behalf (free of charge).

What about the address I use? 

The following addresses are not affected by this change: 

Address City Affected by move
17B Farnham Street Auckland No
PO Box 106910 Auckland No
515A Wairakei Road Christchurch No
PO Box 39018 Christchurch No
PO Box 615 Hamilton No
PO Box 715 Queenstown No
24B Moorefield Rd Wellington Yes
PO Box 83000 Wellington No
PO Box 13240 Wellington No
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