Get rewarded for referring friends to Private Box

Tell your friends and family about Private Box, and you can both collect rewards.

Any referral will give a $20 credit that can be used for any mail processing or mailbox rental fees.  Not only does the person who gave the referral get this reward - but the new person signing up for an account will also get the same reward. 

How to give a referral out:

There will be a referral link present in the bottom of all emails we send to our customers - you can find it in the email footer.

Simply copy this link to give to your friends, or just forward the email to them so they can access the link. 

Another option is that every account has a unique referral link as well (assigned when account is created). By default, this is a more random string of letters to make each one unique.  You can contact our staff to check what this code is at any time.

You can also request that our staff change the code for you, to completely customise your referral code.

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