Setting up Automatic Mail Scanning & send to email

This is part of a series about setting up automatic mail processing rules on your account.

Other rules you can choose to set up for your mail include:

Automatic Mail Scanning

Automatic Mail Scanning and Destruction

Automatic Mail Forwarding


When you setup Automatic Scanning rules on the folders in your Private Box account, Private Box will scan new mail to PDF as it arrives, then upload it to your account. You will then receive an email notification that your mail has been scanned, and it is ready for you to login to your Private Box account to download and view.

To avoid the hassle of logging in to their account to view the scans, some people prefer to have the PDF scans attached to these email notifications.

Note that email is not 100% secure, this is why sending PDF attachments is an optional extra and not enabled by default. There is some risk to emailing confidential documents, which is out of Private Box's control.  

Sending Automatic Scans to Email

To have your PDF scans attached to your Auto-Scan notification emails, you will first need to have setup an Automatic Scanning rule for the folder(s) in your Private Box account. Then you can add an additional rule which forwards that PDF file via email to one or two email addresses. 

Setting up Automatic Scans to Email rules

1. Log in to your Private Box account and navigate to the Rules tab in the Mailbox settings. You can find this here:


2. Under the "Folder Actions" heading click the "Add New Folder Rule" button


3. Choose the When mail "is scanned for" trigger.


4. Next, choose the mail folder from the list.  You should make sure you select a folder where you have already previously activated the automatic scanning.


5. Then, select "Email to" as the action


6. Now you can put in up to two email addresses you want your scanned mail to be sent to.  Please note, this can be any email address & does not need to be the same as the main email address used for your Private Box account.


7. The fully complete rule data will look something like this.  Double check that all of your details are correct


7. Finally, click the "Add Rule" button


Once you have complete the setup of this rule, it will look like this.



That's it!

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