How to change your plan or subscription period

This article outlines how you can change your Private Box plan or subscription frequency.

First, decide on the plan that you would like to move to. You can see the plans and pricing page for current pricing.

Changing plan or subscription yourself

Plans: Personal <-> Business

Currently, Private Box users can change between Personal and Business plans themselves in their account and navigating the subscription settings here: 

If you have or want a Premium or Virtual office plan see Requesting a plan change below

Note that you cannot change from a Business plan to a Personal plan if you are using the address as your registered office for a company.   

Subscription period: monthly, quarterly, annual

As well as changing your plan, you can also change the frequency of the plan billing. The process is the same for both.


1. Navigate to the subscriptions settings page in your account.

You can use this link: 

2. Select the mailbox you wish to change the plan for

Use the drop-down menu to select the mailbox that you would like to change the plan for. If you only have one mailbox this will be selected by default.


3. Choose the subscription period

The page will state the plan and subscription period that you are currently one. You can then choose the subscription period for the plan that you would like by clicking the blue buttons.


4. Confirm your selection

The details of your new plan and any credit from your old plan will be shown. Click the "Confirm" button to continue.


A confirmation message will then be shown:



Requesting a plan change

Premium or Virtual plans

Changing to or from Premium or Virtual plans requires help from our support team. This is because it will cause a change to your Private Box address.

Please contact us with your requested plan change. 


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