Supported operating systems and internet browsers

To best view and use the Private Box website and services, we support the following operating systems and internet browsers.


Desktop browsers:

Internet Explorer - latest version only

Firefox - latest version only

Chrome - latest version only

Safari - latest version only


Mobile Phones and Tablets:

iOS - latest stable version + 1 version behind (eg. the current iOS version is 11.2.5 - so we support iOS 11 and 10)

Android - latest stable version + 1 version behind (eg. current version is 8.1.0 so we support 8 (Oreo) and 7 (Nougat))


If you try to use other browsers, or earlier versions of our supported operating systems and browsers, the site may not function correctly.  If that happens, we recommend you check that you are using the latest versions, or try a different browser.


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