Invoices, Statements and Receipts

Unfortunately, we can not produce invoices for any of our accounts.

Private Box operates with pre-paid accounts for all members. Any fees you incur when using Private Box are deducted from the credit that you have loaded onto your account. You will receive an email as a notification before your monthly fees are taken from your account.


Private Box does offer the following payment options:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Direct Debit
  3. Direct Credit Bank Transfer
  4. Paypal

You can read more information about these payment options here.

To access your statement online, open the drop down menu at the top right and click the 'billing' link.

On this page, you can access your credit card details, automatic top up rules, transaction history and generate receipts for your payments to Private Box.

1. Transaction History

Click this link to see a full summary of all payments you have made to Private Box, and all the charges for services from Private Box.

Your transaction history will be unique to you, as we will only charge you mail processing services at the time that those services are used.

An example of the transaction history will look like this.

We will always tell you the date of the transaction, a description of what the transaction was and a reference for the payment.

CREDIT is the amount you have paid to Private Box

DEBIT is the charge from Private Box for our services.

BALANCE is your account balance after your credit or debit to your account.  The latest credit or debit is always at the top of the page, and your current account balance will always match the balance at the top of the list here.

2. Get Receipts

You can generate a GST receipt at any time that you require.

Clicking the 'Get Receipts' list will take you to a page that lists each month that you have been a customer with Private Box.

All you need to do is to click 'Print GST Receipt' next to the month you require your receipts for.

A fully generated GST receipt will look something like this:


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