How do Payments to Private Box work?

Accounts with Private Box operate on an automatic top-up system.  We ask that you have a valid method of payment connected to your account at all times in order to ensure you have uninterrupted service.

What happens if you don't have any money on your account?

If your account does not have any credit available and we cannot process a payment to top-up your account for you, we will be unable to scan or forward any mail for you until payment has been made to catch up on the amount owed.

If an account remains in a negative balance for 30 days, then the account will enter a 'suspended' status.  We will always attempt to make contact with you to let you know that your account needs to be topped up.

If an account has been suspended for 30 days and no payment has been made to top-up the account - the account will be considered abandoned and then closed.  We will no longer receive mail for you, and any mail held here in our office will be returned to the original sender.

If your account has been closed for any reason, you can contact us at any time and we will re-activate the account for you so you can start using your address with us again.  We may request that you repay any back payments owed if your account was closed due to non-payment.

Preferred Payment Method

The preferred method of payment to Private Box is with a Credit Card saved to your account.  Once your account goes below $0.00 then Private Box will take an automatic payment from your credit card to bring your account back into a positive balance.

You can add a credit card or update your credit card details at any time by following this guide.

Once a credit card is loaded onto your account, an automatic top up will happen whenever your account goes into a negative balance.  This will keep your account up to date and ensure we can keep providing you services.  If you like, you can also nominate a minimum payment amount by our system.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their credit card details are up to date, and also to remove the credit card details from your account if you wish for Private Box to stop processing automatic payments to that card.

Loading advanced payment to your account

You also have the choice to pre-pay some money onto your account.  This money will never expire, and our system will take the fees for mailbox services from this balance before we process any more money from your credit card.

If you ever need to close your account, Private Box will stop taking any payment from your Credit Card once closure is complete. We will also process a refund back to your credit card (minus a $5 bank processing fee) if you have money remaining on your account that was not used.

Other payment options

We have several other options for making payment to Private Box. These include setting up a Direct Debit with us, or submitting a payment through a direct Bank Transfer.

Information about our payment system:

  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any authority and require you to top up your account by an alternative method.
  • Your account must be open for this authority to proceed. We will add payment of any overdue portion of your account to your credit card payment, if your account is overdue.
  • You are responsible for updating your authority details with us when your credit card expires.
  • You are responsible for updating your details when you change credit card issuers or receive a replacement credit card with a new card number.
  • We will make any applicable refunds back to the same credit card that payment was made from.
  • If your account is in a negative balance, you will be unable to have any mail processed until the account is brought back into a positive balance.
  • We do not store un-encrypted credit card details on our database. We use a security company to validate all credit card transactions.
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