Making a video call with Skype using a Smartphone (Android and IOS)

1. If it's not already installed on your phone, you should download the Skype app through the Google Play for Android or the iTunes store for iOS.

2. Sign into Skype.  You can add people to your skype contact list by searching for their name.

  1. Go to Contacts.

  2. Select the add contact icon or click directly in the search text box and type the name, Skype name or email of the person you want to add. Click  Search Skype .

  3. Select your friend from the search results and click Add to Contacts.

  4. Type a quick note to introduce yourself and then click Send.

The person is added to your contact list, but will appear offline until they accept your request. After they’ve accepted your request, you can see when they’re online and make free voice and video calls with them.

Our skype contact name is privateboxnz - be sure to add us to your contact list to make a video call with us!

3. To make a video call yourself:

  1. Tap the Recent tab.
  2. Tap the floating action button .
  3. Tap the video call button.
  4. Select a person by typing their name into search. 
  5. Tap the video call button in the top right-hand corner.

Alternatively, type the name of your contact or tap the contact icon to select a person from your contact list.  

To join a video call, select the video icon on the incoming call The video call button..

What can I do during a one-to-one video call?

  • Tap The video camera icon. to turn your video off.
  • Tap  to switch between the front and rear cameras.
  • Tap  at the top-right of the screen to view and send your instant messages.
  • Tap The microphone icon. to mute your microphone.
  • Tap  to add participants to your call.
  • Tap  to end the video call.

If you don’t see these buttons, simply tap on the screen during a video call to bring the buttons up on the screen.


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