How to Validate your Credit Card

It's very important that you validate your credit card with Private Box.

By validating your credit card, you are basically proving that the credit card you have used does belong to you.  We simply ask that you complete your verification within 30 days of signing up for your account with us.

Why should I validate my credit card?

Firstly, we want to make sure you are using a credit card that belongs to you.  Due to previous instances with people trying to obtain an account with us fraudulently by using stolen credit card information, we have put this verification process in place to try to prevent this kind of activity from happening.

While you can still use our services while your credit card is unverified, you'll find that after your credit card has made a certain amount of payments, we will stop all further payments from your credit card being processed.  The ability to make payment to your account will be resumed once your credit card is validated.

You will also be unable to change or update your credit card details until the original credit card you signed up for an account with is validated.

How do I validate my credit card?

Step 1: Log in to your account

Once you have signed up for an account with Private Box, simply log into your account at

Step 2: Navigate to Billing

Open the drop down menu at the top right of the page, and click the 'billing' link.

Step 3: Enter your validation code

On this page, you'll see the credit card validation.


If you haven't previously made any payments to Private Box, you'll see a link that asks you to push a $2 payment through on your credit card. Don't worry - you won't lose this money.  It will be loaded onto your account and go toward your pre-paid balance for you to use with our services.

If you have already made a payment to Private Box previously, or after you push through the $2 payment above, you'll see the 'validate' link as displayed above.

Once the payment has been processed by your bank, there will be a 4 digit validation code that shows up on your bank statement.  It's this code that we need you to enter in the validation field.

We recommend that you give your bank about 3-5 business days to get the entire payment processed.  If you don't give them enough time, then it's likely the code won't be visible on your bank statement yet.

After giving the processing of the payment a little time, you can check your bank statement and you'll see the payment to Private Box, with a 4 digit code after our company name.  That 4 digit code is your verification code, and you enter it into the field above.

Once validated, you'll be good to go!

To help you identify your validation code, there is a 'click here' link on the validation above.  Clicking that link will give you a pop up window with the following information:

Help! I can't find the 4 digit code!

Every once in a while, some of the banks don't always show the 4 digit code.  We don't know why this is, and we have tried to speak to the banks about it.

If you can't find the code, don't panic.  We can validate your credit card another way.

Simply scan or take a screenshot of your bank statement.  Be sure to have your bank details and name at the top of the statement, and show the payment to Private Box.  Feel free to cover or black out all the other transactions - we don't need to see any of those.

Just send us a copy of your statement to - be sure to use the same email address you signed up for our service with.  By using the same email address that is registered to your account, it helps us to identify you.

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