The end of Counter Delivery

Counter delivery is a great option for our NZ based customers - you used to be able to send your mail "Care of Counter Delivery" to almost any NZ Post shop and you would have 30 days to collect. 

Recently we have started receiving complaints from our customers that some NZ Post shops were withholding mail or not accepting the delivery.

Checking the the rules are slightly different now:
- you can use Counter delivery service for up to 3 months (only)
- you must visit the postshop before hand to set-up the service (you must bring photo ID).

We have been counter delivery with our customers for over 2 years - so these changes have come as a bit of a shock. Looking at our database we have delivered around 1400 letters and parcels on our customers behalf to postshops.

This now (sadly) has to change. 

Order a Pickup

As of today we are removing counter delivery option from the 'order a pickup' service. We have added Poste Restante and Courier Post depots instead. We have had to make some system changes to support these new locations - you will see these changes rolled out next week. 

Courier Post depot pick ups are free. 

Poste Restante charge for large parcel storage (any parcel over 2kg) at $2.50 per week. 

Remember - you must pickup your mail from Poste Restante or Courier Post depot within 14 days otherwise you risk the mail being returned to us. 

And remember - the "order a pickup" service is a courier service (without handling fees!). So if you are sending more than 4 or 5 letters then it will be cheaper than a normal mail forwarding.

Mail Forwarding

We will still allow you to send your mail via normal mail forwarding to counter delivery locations. We will assume that you have set-up counter delivery service directly with the post shop in question.We will take no responsibility for items sent via Counter Delivery as of Monday the 4th July. We strongly recommend using a courier service to send mail as this is safest and least likely to be denied by the post shop. 

You can find out more about Counter Delivery here -

You can find out more about Poste Restante here -

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