Enrolling to vote while on the road

Enrolling to vote requires a residential address. This can be tricky when you are travelling or permanently on the road. 

To enrol to vote you can supply a residential address you stayed at for at least one month in New Zealand. This might have been a long time ago - this is ok. You just need to have been there at some point. 

You can also set-up a postal address with the NZ Elections service. This can be different to your previous (and real) residential address. Your Private Box address can be your mailing address. To be clear - you cannot use your Private Box address as your residential address

You can enrol to vote online at http://elections.org.nz, complete a form at a NZ post shop or call 0800 36 76 56. 

You are eligible to vote in New Zealand if you are 

  • over 18
  • Have lived for more than a year in NZ
  • An NZ citizen who has been in NZ in the last 3 years
  • A Permanent resident who has been in NZ in the last 12 months

Please see the official advice from the Electoral Commission attached. 


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