List of authorised notaries by country

This is a list of authorised certifiers we recommend.

Note: this list is incomplete, if you can add a suggestion for your country please leave a comment below. 


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Justices of the Peace


To verify a JP's details you can email jp(at) with a copy of the certified document (blank out any sensitive information) to ask for contact details. 
China (PRC) (English)

Public Notary Office (公


The public notary can provide certified documents and an English translation. We need to know which office they use so we can contact them to verify.

Hong Kong

Needs to be a notary listed on this website. 

Certified documents must have an English translation and this must also be certified. 

India If a person's name is published in the Gazette, he/she is called Gazetted. Many are honorary Justices of the Peace and have the same standing as some of the Magistrates. Such officers, among other functions, have the power to verify the documents for academic, immigration and other purposes. 


Here is a list of notaries that we will accept certified documents from: 



To use a document from Iran, you must first have it translated. The translation must be legalised by the Iranian Ministry of Justice and the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Japan Notaries from the offices listed on the Japan National Notaries Association website:  


Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Authentication of documents see Notary services and presented to us in English.   
Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Must go to local Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan to have documents notorised. We then contact the Pakistan consulate in Wellington to confirm notorisation is authorised
Panama  Notario Designado from notaries listed on the government Directorio de Notarías.
Ukraine  We will only accept Apostilled documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine. 
United Kingdom  UK Notary



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