Sending Merchandise Overseas

Yes - we can send parcels overseas for our customers.

You will need to sign up for Personal Mailbox.  Prices can be seen here -

Note: A signup fee may apply.

We provide an address you give to the supplier of merchandise when making your purchase.

Your credit card and identity will need to be verified before forwarding of merchandise can occur.

The total cost of postage is = handling fee + per item fee + postage. 

Your credit card and identity will also need to be verified before forwarding of merchandise can occur - this is part of our compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. This is unfortunately a step we cannot skip, as it is a legal requirement for our company.

More information about the identity verification can be found here.

To explain about how we charge for postage:

The total cost of postage is = handling fee + per item fee + postage.

The handling fee starts from $2. Per item fee is normally 50c each.

We have a detailed summary of how much postage and handling will cost you here.

The postage depends on the size, weight, destination and delivery service used.

We use the NZ Post Rate Finder to calculate postage.

When sending the item via international courier or international express courier, we recommend you contact us and get a quote for the forwarding cost before arranging the sending of your merchandise overseas - as often these postage methods (especially international express courier) can be more expensive than expected. In fact, international express courier is often twice the cost of standard courier.

Unfortunately our online estimate for shipping on the website when actually processing your mail is not accurate at this time and usually only shows the cost of the handling fees.

This is because all postage is calculated based on the measurements and weight of what is being shipped - which our estimate calculator doesn't have access to.

So please do contact us before requesting your mail to be forwarded to give you an accurate quote for all postage costs.


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