NZ Fire Service Levy (NZFS Levy)

Once your company is listed on the companies website you may receive a letter from the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) requesting a payment of levy. 

All New Zealand businesses are required to pay a fire levy for physical office space in New Zealand. 

It best to return the letter to the fire service stating 'not known at this address'. This is the best course of action as their systems do not understand the concept of "Virtual Office". 

An alternative is to fill out the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Statutory Declaration (below) and state for all types of property that you have "no assets" here in NZ. You will need to have this certified by a person that is authorised to certify declarations in your country. For more info on the declaration please see

To find out more information see the Fire & Emergency website. The person to speak with at the Fire Service is

Please note - Private Box does not have insurance for your mail items stored at Private Box. You are required to take out your own insurance for valuable items as per our terms and conditions. 

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