Why do I need a suite number?

A suite number is your account number with us.  It's important to ensure that this number is visible on your forwarding address so that we can make sure that you receive all of your mail.

If your suite number isn't visible, there is a possibility we won't know who the mail belongs to.  If that happens, then any mail we can't identify a recipient for will be returned to sender.


As an example:

John Smith signed up for an account with Private Box and was given the suite number 1234.  So he would address his mail as follows:


John Smith

Suite 1234

24B Moorefield Rd



For a while he's receiving mail just fine, even when he forgets to put his suite number on his address.

If you forget to add your suite number, you could be charged a $4 penalty fee for insufficiently addressed mail.


Some time later, another customer signs up with Private Box.

Jeremy Smith, who gets the suite number 2468.  These two customers are not related, but they share a common surname.

His correctly addressed mail should look like:


Jeremy Smith

Suite 2468

24B Moorefield Rd



Mail starts arriving to the Private Box offices addressed to


J Smith

24B Moorefield Rd



Now we have two customers who this mail could belong to.  Instead of making an assumption and risking the mail being given to the wrong person, Private Box is forced to return this mail to the original sender with an 'insufficient address' stamp.

If there is no return address on the envelope, we hold mail we cannot return for 3 months.  If this mail is unclaimed at the end of 3 months, it will be securely destroyed.

Unfortunately it can sometimes be a challenge for some companies to keep the suite number on your address.  But there are solutions.  Simply check this article for the different ways you can address your mail correctly.


It is very important that you make sure you are using the correct suite number.  If you provide the incorrect suite number, it is possible that your mail may end up being given to another Private Box customer.  If you ever do receive mail that doesn't belong to you, please contact Private Box and we can make the necessary corrections.


Please note:  If you have signed up for the service with Private Box to have a Premium or Virtual Office account you will not have a suite number.  Instead, your mail will only need your name or your company name - depending on what you signed up with.



Whether you have a named account or an account with a suite number it's very important that you tell us the names of people who will be receiving mail through your account.

You can advise us the different names of your expected recipients either by sending us an email to support@privatebox.co.nz or creating individual identifiers for each person who is to receive mail.

More information about what identifiers are can be found in this article.


If you do not notify us of all the names of people who will be receiving mail through your account, then we may not know who the mail is supposed to belong to.  If the suite number is missing, or if you have a named account, this means that the mail will either be returned to sender because we can't work out who it's for, or your mail may be accidentally given to another Private Box customer - especially if there is another customer who has matching initials, and there is only one matching name existing in our system when we search for the name.


Mail being added to an incorrect account is very rare, but it can happen.

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