NZ Post Collection Points

Please find attached two lists: 

1) NZ Post Collection Points - these are the collection points we can send to without prior notice.  This service is called Post Restante.  While there are fewer of these PostShops available, it's more convenient as you don't need to have a prior agreement in place with NZ Post.

It also gives you some Courier Post Depots where you can pick up your mail from.

IMPORTANT: If you select a Courier Post Depot to collect your mail from, you MUST go in and say you have a parcel to pick up.  If you try to ask them for your mail, they will simply get confused and you'll have a difficult time getting your mail.

2) Counter Delivery Locations - You must set-up "counter delivery" prior to receiving a delivery to these PostShops. The Counter Delivery service can only be set up as a short term solution for up to three months.

Visit your local PostShop to organise for your mail sent via Courier Post to be held by Counter delivery. Bring along a photo ID to set up counter delivery.


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