Can you Re-Mail post for me?

What is Re-Mailing post?

This is different to standard mail forwarding.   Mail forwarding is where we simply bundle your mail and send it to you, at any address you choose in the world.

Re-Mailing is when you send letters to us (either physically sending the items or emailing the PDF of the letters to our staff) and we will then post this mail on your behalf to the addresses you provide.  This effectively means we will be distributing this mail for you.


How much with Re-Mailing cost?

This is considered a 'personalised service' and is charged at $20 per 12 minutes spent on the task (minimum fee $20).  Our staff will time how long we spend preparing and posting your letters, and then add the charge to your account accordingly.


How do I get Private Box to Re-Mail letters for me?

You have two choices for how we provide this service to you.

1.  Send us a digital copy of the letters you want sent, and a list of the addresses you want the letter sent to.

Word and PDF files are accepted. Word files will be scanned with a virus checker and will increase the time taken to process the mail. Please ensure the letter and destination address is clear on the document. 

With the above option, our staff will print out your letters, put them into envelopes and produce the address labels for you.  We will then send the letters out on your behalf.

2.  Prepare the letters and put them into envelopes with the labels and addresses already attached.  You can then post these items to our office, and our staff will attach New Zealand postage for you, then send those letters on your behalf.

Send your pre-prepared letters with a small letter of authorisation requesting our staff do the re-mailing for you to:

Private Box Limited - Re-Mail Service *your suite number here*
PO Box 83000
Wellington  6440

It is very important that you give us information that identifies who you are - if we don't know who we are processing letters for, we will not send them out.  If you don't have a suite number, please be sure to include your name or your company.


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