Can you Re-Mail post for me?

Normally Private Box forwards your own mail onto wherever you are in the world. From time to time you may need to send mail from New Zealand to your own customers. This is called Re-Mailing. 

We can do this for you, and it comes under our Personalised Service charging schedule + the cost of postage and materials.  

Mail to be "re-mailed" can either be:

  1. Sent to us via post. Send this to your own Private Box and include "Remailing" in the address (eg. Joe Bloggs Remailing, Suite 123, PO Box 83000, Wellington 6440). This is good so you can include your own envelopes and return address etc. 
  2. Email your mail to us. Word and PDF files are accepted. Word files will be scanned with a virus checker and will increase the time taken to process the mail. Please ensure the letter and destination address is clear on the document. 
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