Glossary of Private Box terms

Bad Address 

When some information is missing on the received mail and Private Box cannot identify who it is intended for.  More information about badly addressed fees


This is the name of a person or company (or other entity type) that will appear on your letters. For example: 

Acme Limited
Level 1, 6 Johnsonville Road
Wellington  6037

In this example "Acme Limited" is the "folder". 

Personal accounts can only ever have peoples names. Business accounts can have peoples names as well as Company names.

Every folder can have special rules applied - for example, automatic forwarding or scanning. 

More information about folders 


Mailbox Rental

Each box (or Suite #) will be charged monthly or yearly rental.  More information about mailbox rental


Prepaid Balance

Private Box works on pre-paid credit only (much like a pre-paid cell phone). You must have credit present on your account in order to pay for box rental and / or mail handling charges. If there is no prepaid credit this may affect the services we can supply you, unless you have a credit card saved to your account.

More information about payment options


Registered Office

Every New Zealand Limited Company requires a Registered Office address. This is the location where the company records are kept. These records will be what shareholders can view as well as accounting records (as required by the Companies Act). 

More information about registered office



Every account gets a Suite number. This is a unique number that allows us to sort your mail correctly. If the Suite number is missing you might get charged a "Bad Address" fee as a manual search has to be performed to allocate the mail correctly. 

More information about suite numbers

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