How can I pay Private Box?

You can pay us online or over the phone via Credit or Debit card.

All card details are encrypted and truncated ensuring that no one will have access to your information. 

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To make a payment online, simply log into our website at - if you don't already have a credit card loaded onto your account, open the drop down menu at the top right of the page and click the 'billing' link.

From there you'll be taken to a page where you can manage your payments and your payment details.

You can also access your transaction history here - this will list all incoming payments to Private Box, and all fees for services used.  The final option on this page allows you to generate receipts for your payments to Private Box if you require them.

First, you want to make sure you have a credit card added to your account.

Just click the "Add New Credit Card" link.

This will open a window to allow you to enter your credit card information.  That page will look like this.



Once added, your credit card will be visible on the billing page - don't worry.  The credit card information and numbers will not be visible.

Now that you have a credit card stored on your account, you can select the best option for payment.  You can either make manual payments at an amount you specify, or you can set up automatic payments to keep your account up to date.


To make a manual payment with your credit card, you just need to click the 'top up' button at the top right of any screen.

This will open a new window where you can manually enter the amount you'd like to top up your account by.  The higher the payment you make to us, the longer it will be before you need to make another payment.


After you've entered the correct amount, click submit, and you're all done!


Automatic payments from your credit card means you can leave everything up to Private Box.  You get to nominate the minimum balance on your account, and also the minimum amount you want the account to be topped up by.

This will take you to the page where you can make the selections for your payment settings.

To explain these options:

1. This is the minimum payment amount to be taken from your credit card.  The higher you set this amount to, the longer it will be before your next payment is taken from your credit card.

2. This is the minimum balance on your account.  This means that once your account balance falls below that nominated amount, our system will then activate the automatic payment on your credit card.  The amount taken from your card will be at a minimum the amount set on option 1 above.


I'll give two examples of accounts and automatic payment amounts for a better understanding.


Joe Smith has set his minimum balance to be $10, and his minimum top up amount to be $15.  

At the start of this example, his account balance is $10 in credit.

After having Private Box scan some mail for him, which costs him $0.60, his account balance has become $9.40

Now that his balance has gone below $10, an automatic payment of $15 gets put on his credit card - the minimum top up amount he chose, so his account will now be $24.40

No more payment will need to happen until he goes back below $10


Jane Doe has an account with Private Box, and she's paying her rental for the mailbox yearly.  As a Personal Mailbox customer, this makes her rental for the mailbox $99 per year.

Just like Joe, she's got a minimum balance set to $10, and a minimum top up amount set to $10.  

To start this example, her account is currently at $20 in credit.

Once her yearly mailbox rental came out - $99, her account balance becomes -$79

This means an automatic payment of $89 will be taken from her credit card, which will bring her account back up to $10 in credit.  While her minimum payment amount was only set to $10, our system wants to make sure that the account does not remain in a negative balance.  The minimum top up amount set isn't enough to bring the account into a positive, so our account will take enough money from your credit card to bring the account to $10 in credit.

As soon as she has any mail processed, the fees for the service will take the account below $10 again.

Lets say that she has some mail scanned, which costs her $2.  Her account balance will now be $8 in credit.

Because her account has gone below the minimum balance of $10, another payment will be taken.  This time, because the account isn't in a negative balance, the payment will only be the minimum payment of $10 - taking her account back to $18 in credit.


To avoid lots of smaller transactions if you get a lot of mail through our services, just set your minimum top up payment to be higher.  That way your money will last longer before you reach that minimum balance on your account.


PLEASE NOTE: Always check to make sure your credit card details are up to date on our system.  If it's incorrect, we can't take payment for our services, and if your account goes into negative balance for 28 days your account will automatically close, as our system will then assume you no longer require our services.

Private Box will send you email notifications if your account goes into a negative balance and no payment is made to top the account back up.

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