Virtual Office

Private Box can help with:

  1. NZ Company Incorporation
  2. Storage of NZ Company Documents (Registered Office)
  3. Your physical NZ address
  4. Local calling number
  5. Phone answering service

NZ Company Incorporation

We can help with the incorporation of your NZ company. We have attached the questionnaire used to start this process. To incorporate your New Zealand company will cost $450 set-up fee. This includes the government fee's of $155 and reserving your company name will cost $10.50. 

Storage of NZ Company Documents

Once a company is incorporated in New Zealand you will need somewhere in NZ to store your company documents. This is called your "Registered Office". This is charged at $232 per year per company. Find out more about the Registered Office service >>

Your physical NZ address

This is the core function of Private Box and is used for mail handling, scanning etc. A Premium Box starts from $49 per month (or $490 per year). We will receive and destroy mail (at your request) for free. Scanning and mail forwarding have additional charges. Scanning is 60c per letter (including 2 pages, 25c per extra page). Mail forwarding is basically the cost of postage plus a $1.50 handling fee for the first item and 50c per extra item.

Local calling number

We can supply a local phone number, fax or free calling number for $15 per month. This includes voice mail to email service. Call-forwarding will have a per minute charge.

Phone Answering Service

We can answer the phone in your company name and take messages on your behalf. This starts from $29 per month and includes 20 phone calls. Additional calls are handled at a charge of $1.50 per call.

We can offer a "virtual office" package which includes Registered Office, Physical Address, PO Box address, Local calling number and Phone answering service for $99 per month (saving over $13 per month). Incorporating a company is a once off set-up. 

All prices are in NZD.

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