Scams / fraud / do not trust

Private Box sometimes finds companies and people attempt to use our services to mislead people. They are often not customers - they just find out addresses on the internet and then attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate.  

Below is the list of shame of past companies / customers that have abused our service, or used our address without our permission.

Scam companies

  • COINJAR PTY LTD (4851346) - Directors: Asher Meng Yuan TAN, Tong ZHOU. Lists Private Box as their place of business. They have never been given permission to our address. Complaint laid with Companies Office. 
  • XSKAPE FINANCE PTY. LTD. (3681218) - Directors: Michael PAULSE.  Lists Private Box as their place of business. They have never been given permission to our address. Complaint laid with Companies Office. 
  • Patent and Trademark Office (incorp. in Belize run by Gvido Ceksters of Latvia) attempted to conduct an invoicing scam using unsolicted invoices to trick companies into giving them money - more info can be found here: Complaint laid with Commerce Commission
  • MACIPO & ASSOCIATES (email subject:Renewal of New Zealand Trade Mark Registration) - tradmark scam. See below. 
  • Auckland Central Plumbers - They are using a Private Box address as their address but are not our customer. We have requested they change it however have ignored us. Be warned! 
  • Your Refund - - This company is using a Private Box address as their contact on their website but are not our customer.  We have requested that they change the address but we have received no contact or reply from them.  Please beware.

Scam websites

The website and is a scam. Do not use. Complaint laid with FBI. 

Customers who have performed repeated fraudulent behaviour

 This is a list of people who have had one or more accounts with Private Box and have repeatedly behaved in a fraudulent manner.  This can include credit card fraud, shopping scams and cat-fishing scams.  Any people listed here are blacklisted and will be refused any further services or mailboxes through our company.

  • Chris Jovanovski
  • Yuvi Shridhar

On probation 

  • & Between April 2017 and October 2019 U-Buy Kuwait falsely used Private Box details and posed as Ubuy ( a separate legitimate business in New Zealand. Over these years we have received complaints from people being scammed - buying items online and losing their money. Private Box suggests proceeding with  caution when dealing with U-Buy Kuwait ( & If you have been scammed by this company please do let us know

Important information regarding Trademark scams

The New Zealand Intellectual Property Office have released a statement regarding scam attempts for people demanding payment for you to keep your Trademark in which they state:

We have noticed an increasing amount of unsolicited or fraudulent IP protection, promotion or advertising services being offered to IP holders.

If you receive any communication about your IP case from anyone other than:

  • Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ)
  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  • Your appointed IP professional

You should treat them with caution. Particularly if they are preparing to charge you a fee for the service.


WIPO have also released a list of these scams on their website, and all names of scam companies to watch out for.

If you receive mail from any of these companies asking you to make payment for your Trademark - dispose of these letters immediately.

  • Central Data-Register of International Patents
  • Commercial Center for Industrie and Trade
  • Commercial Center for Industry and Trade
  • CPD - Central Patent Database
  • CPTD - Central Patent & Trademark Database
  • Euro IP Register
  • European Central Register of Brands and Patents
  • European Register of Brands and Patents (REGIPAT)
  • FIPTR - Federated Institute for Patent and Trademark Registry Inc.
  • FOIP - Federated Organization for Intellectual Property
  • IBFTPR - International Bureau for Federated Trademark & Patent Register
  • IBFTPR Service - Register of International Patent Application
  • IBIP - International Bureau for Intellectual Property
  • IIP – International Intellectual Property Office
  • Institut of Commerce for Industry, Trade, Commerce/Wirtschaftsinstitut für Industrie, Handel, Handwerk AG
  • IOIP - International Organization for Intellectual Property
  • IOPR - Intellectual Office Property Register
  • IOPTS - International Organization for Patent & Trademark Service
  • IP DATA - Register of International Patents
  • IP Save
  • IP World – Registration of International Patent
  • IPT Patents
  • IPT PATENTS - Register of International Patents
  • IPTD- International Patents and Trademarks Database
  • IPTG - International Patent and Trademark Guide
  • IPTI – International Patents & Trademark Index
  • IPTO - International Patent & Trademark Organization
  • IPTR - International Patent and Trademark Register
  • IPTS - International Patent and Trademark Service
  • IPWTO – Intellectual Property World Trade Organization
  • IRO – Intellectual Property Office
  • IRPT – International Register of Patents & Trademarks
  • IRTP - International Register for Trademark & Patent
  • ITPD - International Trademarks & Patents Database
  • Novislink limited
  • ODM - Office Data Management
  • ODM - Patent Trademark Register
  • ODM - Patent  & Trademark Office
  • ODM - Register of International Patents
  • OPT – Organization for Patents and Trademarks
  • Patent Registration - R & W Stretch Ceilings Ltd.
  • PATR Servis – Worldwide Patent Service
  • Register of International Patent Bulletin/Registre des données bulletin européen des brevetes
  • Register of International Patents
  • RIPT - Register of International Patents and Trademarks
  • RIPT - Registration of International Patent
  • RPT Servis - World Wide Patent Service
  • Search Index Registration Department - Registration of International Patent
  • TPS - Trademark and Patent Service
  • UPTS - Universal Patents and Trademarks Service
  • WBIP - World Bureau for Intellectual Property
  • WDTP - Worldwide Database of Trademarks and Patents
  • WIPD – Registration of International Patents Intellectual Property Office
  • WIPD - World Intellectual Property Database
  • WIPO - World Intelligent Property Office
  • WIPP - World Intellectual Property Publisher
  • WIPT - Registration of International Patent
  • WOIP - Globex World Organisation Intellectual Property
  • WOPD - Worldwide Online Patent Database
  • WPAT – Registration of International Patents
  • WPTI - World Patent and Trademark Index
  • WPTO - World Patent & Trademark Organization
  • WPTS - World Patent & Trademark Service 
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