Redirecting your mail from your home to your new Private Box mailbox

NZ Post offers mail redirection services from many addresses in New Zealand. This service can be used to redirect mail from any address to your new Private Box address.  

Why should I redirect my mail from my home to Private Box?

It all depends on why you have applied for a mailbox with Private Box.

Travelling and using a Private Box mailbox temporarily

Some people have a temporary redirection to use our services while they are travelling - whether it's only for a couple of months or a couple of years.  They set up the redirection so we will collect the mail while they're away from home.   Once they have finished travelling, they stop the redirection and can close their Private Box mailbox - at least - until they decide they want to go travelling again!

Changing over to use a Private Box mailbox permanently

Some people set up a mailbox with Private Box and decide they want to keep their account here long term.  This could be due to them travelling constantly, selling their home to live in a motor home, renting and wanting to protect their mail, or a whole list of many other reasons.

These people will set up a redirection from the address they currently have mail going to for only about 3 months.  During this time, they keep an eye on the mail arriving to the Private Box mailbox and then contact the people or companies sending them mail in order to change their postal address over to their new Private Box mailbox.  Once they are sure all of their mail is now being sent to Private Box, they can stop the redirection at NZ Post.

I want to close my Private Box mailbox.  Can I set up a redirection from Private Box to my home?

People can close their account with Private Box for many reasons - most often, it's because they're no longer travelling and back at their permanent address.

It is not possible to set up a redirection with NZ Post from your Private Box address to another address in New Zealand.  Instead, you should start contacting the people and companies who send you mail and change your contact information directly with them, to have them post the mail directly to your new address.  Keep your mailbox open with us for a couple of extra months, just to make sure that all mail is still collected and enable you to make sure you have contacted everyone who does send you mail.

Setting up a Redirect to your Private Box address  

If you are redirecting your mail using NZ Post please make sure the "Care Of" prefix is included on the redirection notice. For example:

John Smith
Care of Suite 1234
Level 1, 6 Johnsonville Road
Wellington  6037

We find it works best if you submit the form directly at a post shop. You may have trouble loading this address on via their online system.  This is because the suite number is a virtual number, and does not exist on the NZ Post database. Using the 'care of' prefix helps to bypass their system and processes which cause the suite number to drop from the address.

If they allow for a 'business name' or 'building name' in the redirection - you should put your suite number into that field.

More detailed information on formatting your address can be found here.

For info on setting up a NZ Post redirection please see

We can also fill out this form on your behalf for a small fee - just contact our team and ask us. 

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