Can I change my Suite Number to a different number?

If you would like to change the suite number you have with Private Box, we'll be happy to change it for you.  We also have options available if you would like to have more than one suite number on your account (for example, you can use this as a method to keep your business and personal mail separate by having a different suite number for each).

Please note - if you wish to keep your existing number and have a second suite number, you will need to purchase an additional mailbox plan for the new number.  This second mailbox will be attached to your main account.  You can set up new mailboxes to your account whenever you like.

Why change the suite number?

Each person will have their own reason for wanting to change their suite number.  For some people, it is simply cosmetic - they want a number that looks better to them, or perhaps is a lower number than the suite number automatically generated for them.

Other people may have a specific number in mind that they want.  While we cannot guarantee that a specific number is available, we will gladly check to see whether or not it is and offer other alternatives if necessary.

How much will changing my suite number cost?

Changing your suite number incurs a once-off cost to make the adjustment on our database and to handle future re-directions. Below you'll find a list which details the price to change your suite number alongside the range of numbers that it refers to.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee you'll get a specific number you might be looking for, but we will be able to arrange a suitable number within the range of numbers detailed below.

Range Cost
2-9 $449
10-49 $399
50-99 $349
100-199 $299
200-299 $269
300-399 $239
400-499 $199
500-599 $179
600-699 $159
700-799 $139
800-899 $119
900-999 $99
1000+ $49

All prices are in NZD and include GST (if any).

How do I change the suite number?

Please send an email to our support staff to indicate which number range you would like - and also let us know whether you would like to keep your existing number, or replace it entirely.

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