I'm getting too many emails? Help!

Here is a brief description of the email notifications that Private Box sends its customers. You can switch notifications on or off under the 'My Account' tab on our website. 

Mail Received: At the moment a single email is sent for mail received. This notice is typically sent around midday each day.

Scanned Mail - Attach to email: This is issued for each scanned letter. The scanned letter is attached as a PDF to the email.

Scanned Mail - Available online: An email digest is issued every 2 hrs - this normally captures the days scans but sometimes you might receive two of these in a single day. 

Newsletter: every 3 months

Credit card expiry: 1 month before the card expires

Mail Sent: this is emailed when email is sent

Balance reminder*: x3 email notifications are sent about a week apart

Account Suspension*: if the account remains unpaid after the balance reminders the account is suspended

Payment failure: an email is sent when a credit card is failed to be processed. Our system will attempt payment 3 times 1 week apart.

Add Credit Admin: when one of the Private Box team add Credit to your account

New Credit Card: an email is sent when a new credit card is added

* Even if you have notifications disabled you will still receive these emails.

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