I'm getting too many emails? Help!

Here is a brief description of all of the email notifications that Private Box sends its customers, and how frequently they are sent. 

Mail Received: This email is sent to notify you that we have received mail.  One email will include a summary of all mail received on that day. This notice is typically sent around midday (New Zealand time GMT +12) each day.

Scanned Mail - Available online: You may receive more than one of these during a day - our system sends these every couple of hours after mail scanning has been processed.  This email is to let you know that you can view your scanned mail through your account online.

Scanned Mail - Attach to email: This is issued for each scanned letter. The scanned letter is attached as a PDF to the email.

Newsletter: This is produced and sent out once every 3 months.

Credit card expiry: A reminder will be sent to you 1 month before the card expires, just as a reminder to keep everything up to date.

Mail Sent: This email is a confirmation sent to you after your mail has been posted.  It will list all the mail that has been posted for you, the forwarding address the mail was sent to and also confirm the postal method used.  If you chose to use courier, it will also provide you with the tracking number.

Add Credit Admin: This email is sent whenever one of the Private Box team add Credit to your account.  This could be them adding money to your account that was received via Direct Debit, Direct Credit or PayPal.

New Credit Card:  A confirmation email is sent when a new credit card is added to your account.

Payment failure: An email is sent when we try to make a payment to top-up your account, and your credit card has failed to be processed.  To avoid looking like fraudulent payments to your bank, our system will attempt to take payments only 3 times, with a one week delay between each attempt.

*Balance reminder: If your account is overdue, we will send you 3 email notifications, each sent about a week apart to let you know that you need to top-up your account.

*Account Suspension: If the account remains unpaid after 30 days, your account is put into a suspended status.  We will still receive mail for you during this time - but we will not be able to scan or forward your mail.

* Even if you have notifications disabled you will still receive these emails.

How to switch off notifications:

When logged into your account, you can access your settings page and go to the notifications tab, as displayed below.

All you need to do is make sure the tick box next to email notifications is switched off.


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