How to Close your account

We're always sorry to hear when someone wishes to close their account. If we have done something wrong please let us know so we have a chance to fix it! 

We always recommend that you close your account when you no longer require our services - if your account is not closed, your account is still considered active and in use, and you will still be considered responsible for any rental and mail processing fees (for example, mail storage) on your account.

Even if you do not receive any mail to your mailbox with us - if the account is open it is still considered active.  We have a large number of customers who do use our services and address for various reasons who don't receive a lot of mail (maybe one letter every couple of months), so we do not consider a mailbox that isn't getting mail unused.

You can close your account at any time you are ready - simply log into your account and follow this link:

I still have mail left in my account.  What happens to it if the account is closed?

Please be sure to manage the mail before you close your account.  Either have the mail scanned so you can read the contents, or have any mail posted to you before you close the account.  Do not close the account until after your mail has been processed and posted.

If you do have mail left in your account when your account is closed, then our staff will handle it in the following ways:

Mail that has already been opened and scanned previously will be securely destroyed (as that mail can be considered as having been delivered, as you will have had access to the digital scan).

Letters that have not been scanned will be returned to sender (if there are sender details available). If no senders details are available we will hold the mail for 90 days before being disposed of. 

For Parcels, we will contact the original sender to collect the item. If it is not collected within 90 days it will be disposed of. 

I still have unused money left on my account!  What happens to these funds?

Once you have closed your account, our system to process a refund for you of any money remaining on your account (minus a $5 bank processing fee).  The refund will always go back to the same card the payment came from - so you should always ensure your credit card and information are up to date.   

Please allow up to 7 days for the money to appear back on your card.  The time it takes for the funds to appear back on your credit card all depends on bank processing times.

I closed my account some time ago and want to use mail services again - can I re-open my account?

You are always welcome to get in touch with us and we will happily re-activate your account at any time.

Please note:  If your account has been closed, and you want to re-open your account again later, there is a $25 re-activation fee (This fee can be waived if you re-activate your account within 30 days of the account closure).  You'll need to contact us by emailing us at or phone us at 0800 122 335 or for international callers, +64 4 831 1333

Can't I just open a new mailbox and start from the beginning?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow a second account to be opened as it’s part of our compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.  We have a full article that goes into more detail about duplicate accounts and what will happen with them here.

Are there any reasons an account can close without a customer requesting it?

Yes - sometimes an account can be closed automatically by our system, or by a member of staff.  The most common reason for this would be an account being unpaid and overdue for too long, or someone refusing to complete the identity verification process.  We have another article that goes into more detail about what happens when accounts are closed for these reasons.

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