Mail Processing Times

Here at Private Box, we do our very best to ensure that any requests for mail processing are done quickly and efficiently.  We want to make sure that our customers are not kept waiting for their mail.

All times mentioned through this article are New Zealand time (GMT +12)

If you have automatic rules on your account, then the requests for processing will be sent directly to our mailroom team for processing as quickly as possible.

Automatic processing requests via mailbox rules

Mail set for automatic scanning will be scanned on the same day that the mail arrives in our office.  It may take a couple of hours before the scan is actually processed though, as all scanning is done after all mail has been added to our customer's accounts.

Mail set for automatic mail forwarding will have the request sent through to our mailroom team automatically by our system at set intervals.  Whether you want the mail sent daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Manual processing requests made by our customers

All manual mail forwarding and scanning requests received before 1:00pm on a business day will be processed on the same day that the request has been received.

Any requests after 1:00pm, on a weekend or on a New Zealand public holiday will be processed the next business day.

All mail destruction requests should be processed within 1 week; however during peak periods where mail volumes are high (for example, over the Christmas season), destruction requests can take longer to be processed.  This is because all other processing for mail has higher priority.  Destruction is processed at the end of the work day, and our team will work to clear as many of the destruction requests as they can during standard business hours.

When there are very high mail volumes, this can mean that very little time is left to process destruction requests.  These requests are also processed in the order which they have been received. 

If there is a backlog of destruction requests, our team will always work to catch up and clear them as soon as they possibly can.

Postage delivery times

Once the mail has been processed for postage, and it leaves our office - the postage time is unfortunately out of our hands.  We can advise on the expected delivery times as stated by the postal services.

Domestic Postage

Standard Post: expected delivery - NZ Post states "Standard Post delivery target is up to 3 working days nationwide delivery" however, from previous experience we have been regularly finding that this postal method is more often taking anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for the mail to be delivered.

Courier: expected delivery overnight.  Tracking is included with this postal method, and deliveries should always happen the next day.  Exceptions for this are over the weekend or public holidays - in those cases the item will be delivered on the next business day.  If you need urgent Saturday delivery, there is an option to add a Saturday delivery sticker for a small extra cost.  Courier items to a Rural delivery address may take up to 48 hours to deliver.

International Postage

Standard Air: expected delivery 3-10 business days.  Please note, delivery may take longer as it depends on the local postal service in the destination country.

International Courier EMS: expected delivery 2-6 business days.  Tracking is included with this method.

International Express Courier: expected delivery 1-5 business days.  Tracking is included with this method.

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