NZ Companies Office Address Types

The addresses required by the Companies Office are:

Address for Communication: This is the postal address we can provide you.

Registered Office Address: This is the address for your company documents to be stored.  We can provide this service, and there may be an additional fee depending on the mailbox you have applied for.  More information about Registered Office can be found on our website.

We also have more information regarding the compliance with the NZ Companies Office requirements on our website here.

Address for Service: This is the address for delivery of legal summons or other court documents. This must be somewhere that has permission by yourselves to accept legal documents on your behalf.

It is best to use an address where someone can accept these documents (they need to be signed for before they can be "served").

Private Box can act in this capacity, however:

1) The law might disallow it - see section 192(2) of the Act -

  a) Depends on your interpretation of a postal centre / document exchange. Private Box is likely to fall into this category. 

  b) However, Private Box also is a Registered Office supplier. 

It is important to note that a breach of the Companies Act could mean the directors of the company are held liable for the breach. 

2) If we are to act in this authority a letter of authority with the Companies Letter Head must be held on file. A template letter is available from us ("Accept Service on Behalf"). 

3) A fee of $232 (including GST) per year is paid


Overseas based companies (ASIC and Non-ASIC)

Principal Place of Business: This is where the business actually takes place for your company (eg. not Private Box - we only handle your mail).

You can find out more about overseas companies on our website.

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