Setting up Automatic Mail Scanning

This is part of a series about setting up automatic mail processing rules on your account.

Other rules you can choose to set up for your mail include:

Automatic Mail Scanning and send to email

Automatic Mail Scanning and Destruction

Automatic Mail Forwarding


Setting up the rule

If you would like to have your mail automatically scanned whenever it arrives in our office, all you need to do is set the rules in your mailbox.

To get to the rules, you will need to use the drop down box at the top right of the screen to get to your Mailbox.

The Mailbox is where you can get a summary of your address, folders, and the people on your account.  It's important that you add the names of everyone who will be receiving mail through your account here!


Once you're on the Mailbox page, click the 'rules' link.

On this page, you can set up all rules for your account!  In this article, we'll go over setting up automatic mail scanning.

1. Sorting rules.  Tell us which folders you would like your mail sorted into.  We have another article that goes into more detail about the setting up your folders here.

2. Folder Actions. Tell us what needs to happen to the mail in each folder.

To add a scanning rule, you need to add a new folder rule.


In this example, We'll switch on automatic scanning for the 'catch all' folder.  Your selection will look like this.  Once you're happy with the rule, just click the 'add rule' button.

Once the new rule is added, your rules will look like this.  You'll see your settings and it will indicate that automatic scanning is switched on.


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