How to manually request mail scanning

This guide will walk you through manually requesting your mail for scanning.

You can also set up automatic scanning for all mail coming in to Private Box.

How to request scanning

When you log into your account, the first page is your inbox.  The inbox displays the mail currently held at Private Box.

Select the mail

You will need to select the mail you wish to scan.  You can do this by clicking the small boxes on the left.

1. Tick these boxes to select individual items.

2. Tick this box to select all mail.

Select your scanning method

Once you have selected the pieces of mail you would like to have scanned, there are a two options for scanning to choose from.

1. Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited__2_.png The eyeball icon will allow you to just request your mail be scanned only.

A confirmation screen will then appear -

2. Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited__4_.png The eyeball next to a trash can icon will allow you to request your mail be scanned, and then the physical mail will be immediately destroyed once the scan is complete.  The scan will still be visible in your account.  

A confirmation screen will then appear -

PLEASE NOTE:  If our staff notice that the mail contains something like a new bank card or cheque, we will override the destroy command and keep the letter.  You can then request us forward that item to you, or if you still want it destroyed just email us with written confirmation to destroy it.

Confirm your scan request

Once you have confirmed that you want your mail to be scanned, the request will be sent directly to our mailroom team for processing at the next possible opportunity.

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