How should I address my mail for delivery to Private Box?

What is a suite number, and why is it important?

On our standard Personal and Business plans you get a sorting number. This number ensures we can identify your mail as yours and as long as the number is on your mail we will know it is yours. This number can be seen as a Suite, Apartment or Care of.  In our office we normally refer to this number as your suite number. 

These suite numbers are important as they allow us to easily know that the mail belongs to you. If you don't have your suite number included on your address, you could incur a badly addressed fee of $4.00NZ per letter without the suite number.

Or worse, if we do a search of our database and can't work out who the mail belongs to it will be returned to the sender if possible. Things get very difficult if you have more than one person named John Smith on the system and there's no way to tell which one the mail is supposed to belong to.

If we are unable to return mail to a sender because there is no return address, it will be held in our office for 3 months to allow for collection.  If uncollected after 3 months it will be destroyed.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes, the badly addressed fee can be charged when the suite number is visible on the address.  There are two reasons for this:

1. If you are using our street address (for example, 24B Moorefield Road) and your address is missing the B after the address number, you can be charged a badly addressed fee.  This is because we share space in a building with other offices.  If the mail is addressed as 24 Moorefield Road, then your mail can easily be delivered to one of the other offices in our building.

2. Human error can sometimes occur.  

If you feel you have been charged the badly addressed fee on a piece of mail that should not have the fee charged, we invite you to contact us and we will investigate for you.  If we find that the fee has been charged incorrectly, we will be happy to reverse the charge for you.

We ask that if you wish to do this investigation, you contact us as soon as possible.  We can only investigate the mail while it is still here in our office and we can actually see the mail to check the address.  If your mail has been sent from our office, or has been destroyed then we will be unable to complete an investigation.

If your mail is scanned and you still have the scanned copy of your mail in your account however, the investigation will be able to be complete, as we can refer to the scanned copy to check the address.

Examples of how to address your mail

In our examples we are using the suite number 1234 and Joe Doe as the addressee.  All of these addresses are valid ways of presenting your address.

Street Address

John Doe # 1234
24B Moorefield Road 
Wellington 6037 
New Zealand 

John Doe
1234 / 24B Moorefield Road
Wellington 6037 
New Zealand 

John Doe
C/O 1234 
24B Moorefield Road 
Wellington 6037 
New Zealand 

PO Boxes

John Doe
# 1234 
PO Box 83000 
Wellington 6440 
New Zealand 

Alternate methods of addressing your mail

Some organisations have specific formats of addressing your mail. You can replace the # with the following examples: Care of (c/o), Suite (ste), Apartment (apt) or member. 

IMPORTANT - some places will not have any ability to use a suite number with a PO Box address.  If you come across this situation, try switch over to the street address here at Private Box with the suite number attached.

Many places will have a line on addresses reserved for a 'building name' or 'company name' - if these fields are available, place your suite number there.

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