Setting up Automatic Mail Forwarding

This is part of a series about setting up automatic mail processing rules on your account.

Other rules you can choose to set up for your mail include:

Automatic Mail Scanning

Automatic Mail Scanning and send to email

Automatic Mail Scanning and Destruction

Setting up the rule

If you would like to have your mail automatically forwarded whenever it arrives in our office, all you need to do is set the rules in your mailbox.

To get to the rules, you will need to use the drop down box at the top right of the screen to get to your Mailbox.

The Mailbox is where you can get a summary of your address, folders, and the people on your account.  It's important that you add the names of everyone who will be receiving mail through your account here!


Once you're on the Mailbox page, click the 'rules' link.

On this page, you can set up all rules for your account!  In this article, we'll go over setting up automatic mail scanning.

Number 1 in the image below are your sorting rules.  This is simply to tell us where to sort your mail to when it arrives, and lets you put mail into different folders.  We have another article that goes into more detail about the setting up your folders here.

Number 2 - Time Based Rules - is what will allow you to set up automatic mail forwarding.  

Simply click the 'add new time based rule' button.  This will give you several drop down options that will allow you to fully customise how you use our services.

In this example, We'll switch on automatic forwarding for the 'catch all' folder.  Once you have opened the time based rules, you will see the following.

The sections can be described as follows:

1. The frequency at which we forward your mail.  You can select mail to be forwarded daily, every 7 days, every 14 days, or every 28 days.

2. Which folder do you want mail to be forwarded for.  This is to allow our customers to have different forwarding addressed for each folder if you like.

3. Allows you to select the method of postage you would like to use.  Within New Zealand, you can select "Standard Post" and "Courier".  For mail being sent anywhere other than New Zealand, you can select "Air Post" "International Courier (EMS)", or "International Express Courier".  PLEASE NOTE: International Express Courier often costs about twice the price of standard International Courier.  We recommend you contact us for a quote to see what the price of postage will be before selecting the International Express Courier options.  There are a few countries who do not have International Courier (EMS) available.  For those countries, International Express Courier must be selected if you wish to use a courier option.

4. You can enter the address you'd like your mail forwarded to here.

5. If there are any notes you wish to leave regarding your mail, place the notes here.  For example, you can leave a note which can instruct a post agent to "leave mail at the doorstep".

Once the new automatic forwarding rule is added, your rules will look like this.  


Removing automatic mail forwarding rules

If you wish to turn off the automatic mail forwarding at any time, that's easy!

Just click the trash bin icon on the far right side next to the automatic forwarding rule.

Once deleted, the rule is gone and it will stop the mail from being forwarded automatically.


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