Phone Calling Rates

Forwarding calls within New Zealand

Calling rates for phone services (for call forwarding) are:

NZ Landline -> Local landline 0.02/min
NZ Landline -> National landline 0.04/min
NZ Landline -> Mobile 0.22/min

0800 Numbers have slightly higher rates for incoming calls. These are:

NZ 0800 inbound -> Default 0.07/min
NZ 0800 inbound -> Mobile 0.36/min
NZ 0800 inbound -> Payphone 0.50/min


Forwarding calls from NZ to Australia

NZ Landline or 0800 -> AU Landline 0.05/min
NZ Landline or 0800 -> AU mobile 0.27/min


Forwarding calls from NZ to the rest of the world

All international Rates are linked below:

Private Box Phone Calling Rates (opens in Google Sheets)


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