Adding a new address to your account

Private Box gives you many addresses to choose from when you sign up for an account.  Please be careful to select the address you would like to use most often for our services, as you can only have one address associated with each mailbox.  

It is important to note that all mail is stored and processed at our head office in Wellington.  All mail going to the Auckland, Christchurch, and Hamilton addresses are collected by agents on behalf of Private Box, and forwarded to the Wellington office for processing.

If you are expecting to receive packages, we recommend that you select our head office in Wellington.  This will ensure that your packages are received quickly and processed as soon as they arrive.

Packages cannot be sent to the Christchurch address, and mail going to the Auckland address may incur a surcharge fee to forward the packages down to our Wellington address for processing.


Can I add a second address to my account?

Yes, you can have several mailboxes, each with their own address. 

So if you'd like parcels to come to the Wellington head office, you can still have any standard paper mail go to any one of our other addresses - for example, you can have standard paper mail sent to the PO Box in Auckland.


How to check your address

To check which address you have selected, simply click the 'mailbox' link in the drop down menu at the top right.

On this page, you'll see the following:

IMPORTANT: Your Mailbox is different to your Folders.  You can have many folders inside the same Mailbox.  The Folders allow you to set up different rules for different people or companies using your address.  You can read more about the Folders here.


Adding new mailboxes

By having more than one mailbox on your account, you can not only use multiple addresses, but you can also have a personal mailbox and a separate business mailbox if you choose.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your first mailbox is free, covered by your monthly rental of your mailbox created when you set up your account.  Any additional mailbox will have their own monthly rental, but will be at a discounted rate.

1. To use any of our other addresses, you need to click the "Add New Mailbox" link, which you can find on the mailbox page. This will take you to another page where you select the new Mailbox to add to your plan. 

2. Once you have selected the appropriate plan, you'll next need to select which address you want for the new mailbox.  All of the addresses we have available will be listed in the drop down box here.  After you have the address you want selected, just click next.

 3. Your final selection will determine the frequency at which your new mailbox will be billed to your account.  We offer even further discounted rates if you choose to be billed every 90 days or every 365 days.


The example below is for the selection of a new Personal Mailbox.

4. Once you are happy with your selection, just click Next.

The final page will just reconfirm your selection, so you can double check the details and ensure your address selection is correct.  If you are happy with your choices, just click 'Finish' and your new mailbox will be set up and ready to go.

Now, your new mailbox will also show up on the Mailbox page, so you can refer back to all of your mailboxes at any time.


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