How to manually request Mail Forwarding

You can manually request we process your mail for you however you like.  By manually requesting your mail be scanned or forwarded, it gives you the most control over your account - as you can nominate only some mail to be processed.  Very useful if there's a lot of mail you want to be processed differently.

If you would like to set up automatic mail forwarding whenever mail comes in, you can go to this full guide on setting up automatic forwarding rules.


Important information before you request mail forwarding

Before you have your mail sent, you should check the Prohibited and Restricted mail items list.

Prohibited items cannot be sent via the postal service under any circumstances.  These items will be seized by customs and may be destroyed.

Restricted items can be sent via the postal service, but must comply to very strict guidelines.

If NZ Post finds a Prohibited item it will not be delivered and we will not refund postage costs.  So by checking the list above, you can make sure that everything you send will get to you successfully.


How to request mail forwarding

When you log into your account, you'll see your Inbox.  The Inbox displays all the mail we currently hold for you here in our offices.

In order to request your mail be forwarded, all you need to do is to select the mail you'd like us to forward for you by ticking the appropriate boxes to the left of your mail.

1. These are the boxes you can tick if you only wish to have some of your mail forwarded.

2. Simply click this box at the top if you would like to quickly select all of the mail in your inbox at once.  This saves you having to click every single letter individually.


After selecting the mail items you want sent, you can proceed to request the forwarding.

Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited.png  Once you have selected the pieces of mail you would like to have forwarded, all you need to do is to select the send button, which looks like a paper plane.  

After clicking the above button, a window will open that will allow you to select your mail forwarding address, postage method, and other options.

1. Select Destination

This will list all previously used addresses you have had mail forwarded to.  You can then select whichever address you'd like us to send your mail to.

2. You can enter a new mail forwarding address in the address lines.  Once you've entered your forwarding address, the next time you want to forward your mail you'll find it already saved into the 'select destination' box!

3. Add new mail?

This is an important detail to pay attention to.  If you only want a few specific items of mail forwarded to you, that you have manually selected at the time you make your request - make sure this is set to OFF.

If you would like all mail you have selected, plus any new mail that might come in between the time of requesting your mail forwarding and the mail actually being processed, you leave this option set to ON.


Now that you have entered your postal details, click next.

You'll be taken to a window where you'll be asked to confirm your postage method.

Simply select the postal service you would like to use here.  Within New Zealand, you can select Standard Post, or Courier.

For any other country, you can select Air Post, International Courier (EMS) or International Express Courier.

PLEASE NOTE: International Express Courier often costs about twice the price of standard International Courier.  We recommend you contact us for a quote to see what the price of postage will be before selecting the International Express Courier options.  There are a few countries who do not have International Courier (EMS) available.  For those countries, International Express Courier must be selected if you wish to use a courier option.

We also allow you to double check your 'add new mail' setting on this page, just to completely make sure you have the right option selected.


Once everything is done as you require, and you have selected the correct postal method, simply click the 'finish' button.

Once finished, your request to have the mail forwarded will be sent to our mailroom team for processing.

Your mail will show up as 'to be sent' in your inbox, so you can always double check that the mail forwarding request has processed successfully.


How long will it take to process my mail?

Any request for mail forwarding that has been sent to our mailroom before 1pm on a weekday (New Zealand time, GMT +12) will be processed and posted on the same day.

Requests made after 1pm, on a weekend or on a public holiday, will be processed and posted on the next working day.



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