Auckland Changes 1st September 2014

> So there would be no change to the mailing address (17B Farnham) 
This is correct. The address stays the same.

> and my the parcels and letters sent to me by my clients will still be received at that address? 
All letters can be received and any small parcels (under 2kg). Large parcels will need to be couriered to Wellington or directly to the end destination. We know this does not work for all customers and we apologise for this. There will be a $10 surcharge on any large parcels received after the 1st September.

> What happens to my parcels and letters then...couriered to Wellington for sorting - is this correct? 
Mail is sent overnight to Wellington for processing - yes. This should not affect processing times as mail arrived quite late in the afternoon in Auckland - and was normally processed the next day.

> Then available for me to pick up where - at a NZ Post shop by arrangement, a few days later? or 'Pack and Send' is what exactly (at what cost?) 
Letters (and small parcels) are available for pick-up from the closest Post Shop for the cost of the courier bag (starts from $5.70 - $11.80). Pickups must be ordered the day prior.


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