Information Disclosure

We follow the New Zealand Privacy Act and it’s principles that deal with the collection, holding, usage and disclosure of personal information. You will find that New Zealand has some of the best privacy laws in New Zealand.

However, under certain circumstances information can be disclosed to a government agency. Request for disclosure fall under principle 11 of the Privacy Act -

If a NZ government agency requests information we always get in writing:

  1. The authenticity of the request
  2. Under what authority they are requesting the information
  3. What law is being broken

Generally speaking it is quite difficult to authenticate information requests from overseas. As such any requests for information from overseas agencies are nearly always denied. However - if the request is comes from their NZ counter-part (eg. the German Police ask the NZ Police to look into something) we will normally approve disclosure if the above 3 requirements are met.

Your Private Box cannot be used to store illegal materials of any sort. If we detect any NZ law being broken we are quite happy to report this to the appropriate authority.

We take your privacy very seriously and have built our company on the core principles of Privacy, Security and Confidentiality. We will always try to honour these principles in the first instance.


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