Junk Mail

While we do our best to discard all junk mail before it arrives to you, there are occasions where junk mail may make it through the system, particularly if the mail looks official and cannot be identified as junk at first glance.

Below are some of the common senders that we discard mail from: 

  • Domain Renewal Group (this is a scam)
  • Google (HK) - this is Adwords advertising 
  • Readers Digest 
  • Box 264, Egham (scam)
  • Most plastic wrapped mail (unless it is from AA NZ) 
  • Google (Netherlands) - advertising

We cannot disable this feature on a per customer basis so please - do not use us if you want to receive junk mail! 

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    Gareth Foster

    Example of google junk mail (ad words advertising)


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    Sarah Milton

    Also junk mail:   Google (Netherlands) - advertising