Uploading Documents

Uploading documents to your Private Box account

You may be required to provide documents to Private Box. This is usually for companies that use the Registered Office address service, or when completing identity verification.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 16MB.

Upload vs Email

Uploading documents directly to your Private Box account is more secure than using email to provide documents, as email passes through intermediary servers when sent who can store a copy of the message and data associated. 


1. Log in to your Private Box account

2. Navigate to the 'People' or 'Companies' section of your account

Navigating to People page

Here is a link to the People page: https://secure.privatebox.co.nz/mailbox/person 


Navigating to Companies page page 

Here is a link to the Companies page: https://secure.privatebox.co.nz/mailbox/company 


3. Upload your documents

  • Click on "Upload Documents" (pictured above) to open the Upload Documents box (pictured below).
  • Choose the file from your device, and give the documents a description. You will not be able to upload documents without a description.
  • Click "Submit"
  • You should see a confirmation message to confirm your document has been uploaded.


Reviewing uploaded documents

To review which documents have been uploaded you can complete steps 1-3 as if you were going to upload new documents. On the Upload Documents box (pictured below), documents you have already uploaded will be displayed.

Note: This will only show documents that you have uploaded. 


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