Providing Photo ID

Providing photo ID is part of our identity verification process which Private Box is required to complete as part of our compliance with New Zealand's Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.

Valid photo ID is required when signing up for a Private Box account for confirming your identity. 

Types of acceptable photo ID depends on your country of residence. 

Account holders from the following 37 countries may use local photo IDs or Passport as listed in the table below:

Country Photo ID accepted
Argentina Passport
Australia Passport
Driver Licence
Non-Australian Passport + Australian Visa
Austria Passport
Belgium Passport
Brazil Passport
National ID Card
Canada Passport
China National ID Card
Denmark National ID card
Egypt National ID card
France Passport
Germany Passport
Hong Kong National ID Card
Ireland Passport
Italy Passport
National ID Card
Optional extra: Codice Fiscale (Italian fiscal code card)
Japan Passport
Jordan National ID Card
Kuwait National ID Card
Lebanon National ID Card
Luxembourg Passport
Malaysia National Identity Card
Mexico Passport
Netherlands Passport
New Zealand Passport
Drivers License
Norway Passport
Oman National ID Card
Peru Passport
Portugal Passport
Saudi Arabia National ID Card
Singapore National Identity Card
South Africa National ID Card
Spain National ID Card
Sweden National ID Card
Switzerland Passport
Turkey National ID Card
United Arab Emirates National ID Card
United Kingdom Passport
UK Drivers License
United States Passport
US Drivers License + Full SSN

If your country is not listed on this page you must provide a certified copy of your passport. See Providing certified copies of documents below for more information.

If your photo ID is unreadable or expired we will ask for an updated copy.

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