Identity Requirements (2017)

For every single customer Private Box is required by law to verify your identity.

This means we need to see proof of your name, date of birth and residential address. 

We also need to check that these details belong to you. The easiest way is to have photo ID and then to meet you face to face. A video call is sufficient for this or visiting us at the Wellington branch. Alternatively you can supply certified copies of your photo ID and proof of address. 

The types of identity documents acceptable depends on what country you are resident in. We detail these below. 

Proof of your residential address is normally a letter received in the last 12 months to your residential address (see proof of address section). 


New Zealand residents

Acceptable documents: 

1) Passport

2) NZ drivers license*

3) NZ firearms license

4) NZ birth cert & 18+ card

*Please note - an NZ drivers license must be accompanied by either a bank statement or letter from a government agency for proof of address. 


Australian residents

5) Passport

6) Australian drivers license 


Overseas residents

7) Passport

8) National identity card


Proof of address

Verification of the customer’s address is required in all instances. This can be a one of the following documents that has been issued in the last 12 months:

  • Utility bill
  • Rates bill
  • Bank account statement
  • Government or Government Dept document
  • Local Council notification/demand
  • Court document
  • Rental tenancy agreement
  • IRD tax notice/certificate
  • Companies Office records
  • Electronic yellow pages
  • Electronic white pages
  • Electoral roll papers
  • Insurance policy document
  • Car registration notification/demand
  • Non-bank financial institution statement
  • Educational institution; letter from educational facility, must be on letterhead paper and signed by person in authority confirming residential address
  • Employer provided accommodation letter
  • Host letter
  • Short-term accommodation letter
  • Student accommodation letter
  • Minors (under 18) – guardian verification:
    • includes: – matching parent name on birth certificate to parent address verification: or –
    • letter from parent or guardian & parent or guardian address verification: or –
    • parent or guardian presenting themselves & address verification face to face.


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