Refunds from Private Box

We can only process a refund back to the original source. For credit cards - this has to be the original credit card the transaction occurred on. 

Refunds to expired or invalid credit cards

From time to time a card may expire before we can process the refund.  At other times, a credit card may have been cancelled for some reason.

In this situation there are the following options: 

  1. Contact your bank to ask them to claw back the funds. This is something you will have to initiate with your bank. 
  2. Wait 6 months (from initial transaction) and then we can do a bank transfer. There is an additional admin fee of $15 on this method though. We have to wait 6 months to get outside the "claw back" period for credit cards in NZ. 
  3. Keep the account open and use the money towards Private Box credit. Or perhaps gift the credit to another customer.


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