How to set up a phone line

First, before we can set up a phone line with your account, we need to make sure that your credit card is fully validated and that your identity verification has been complete.  Once these validations are complete, we can move on to the next step.

Please be sure to check how much a phone line will cost you, and the telephone call rates for call forwarding.

Setting up a phone line with your account is very easy - you just need to contact our support staff with your request and provide the following information:

1. What type of telephone line would you like?

Choose the line type you want – there are a few types to choose from:

  • Regional (please select a calling region below)
  • Tollfree (this is an 0800 number)
  • Fax (please let us know the region for your fax number from the choices below)

Choose calling region – this is the area the customer wants the number to be from.

  • Auckland  (09)
  • Wellington  (04)
  • Christchurch  (03)

2. Let us know how you would like your telephone calls handled

We have a few options for what happens when someone calls your new phone number.  Simply select the option that fits you the best.

  • Phone calls go to a voice message which is then emailed to you at an email address you provide.
  • Phone calls can immediately be transferred to another phone number anywhere in the world
  • You can choose to set up an answer service where a live person will answer the call for you in your name or your company name.  They will act as a receptionist and can take a message which they will email to you, or they can transfer the call to a phone number you specify.  If you select this option, please provide us with a short script we can give to the answering team.  For example:  "Thank you for calling *company name*.  Can I please have your name and contact information, and I will pass a message to our team to get back in touch with you."
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