How to set up a phone line

Before we can give you a telephone line, you need to make sure your account is fully activated, your identity verification has been completed, and credit card is validated.

Please be sure to check how much a phone line will cost you, and the telephone call rates for call forwarding before setting up a new telephone line.

Steps to set up your new telephone line

Setting up a phone line with your account is very easy - you just need to contact our support staff with your request for a new telephone line, and provide our staff with the following information:

1. What type of telephone line would you like?

Choose the line type you want – there are a few types to choose from:

  • Regional (please select a calling region below)
  • Tollfree (this is an 0800 number)
  • Fax (please let us know the region for your fax number from the choices below)

Choose calling region – this is the area the customer wants the number to be from.

  • Auckland  (09)
  • Wellington  (04)
  • Christchurch  (03)

2. Let us know how you would like your telephone calls handled

We have a few options for what happens when someone calls your new phone number.  Simply select the option that fits you the best.

  • Phone calls go to a voice message which is then emailed to you at an email address you provide.
  • Phone calls can immediately be transferred to another phone number anywhere in the world
  • You can choose to set up an answer service where a live person will answer the call for you in your name or your company name.  Please note: this option will incur additional charges for your telephone line, which you can read about here.

3. If you select the receptionist answering service option, please provide us with a short script we can give to the answering team. 

A script helps our answering service know how to answer the calls for your company.  We do note that they are not a call centre, so they cannot answer questions about your company or really discuss what you do.

What they can do, is take a message and send it to you to call the caller back, or transfer the caller to a phone number you specify.  If you want them to transfer the caller to another number you specify - please provide us with the telephone number you want the calls transferred to.

The script should be no longer than 5 or 6 lines.   

If we do not receive a script written by you, we will use a default script: "Thank you for calling *company name*.  Can I please have your name and contact information, and I will pass a message to our team to get back in touch with you."

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