How much will a phone line cost me?

If you have signed up to Private Box with a Virtual Office plan, you get one telephone line and the Light level answering service included with your monthly plan.  Just let us know you selection for the telephone lines and we can get everything set up for you.

If you would like a second telephone line or a fax line with the Virtual Office plan, we can absolutely set that up for you - just pay for the additional lines and services as you add them.

A telephone line and the optional answering service can be added to any of our plans, and the costs are detailed below.

Telephone/Fax Line

A local New Zealand number is $13.05 per month ($15 including GST).

An 0800 number is $13.05 per month ($15 including GST). This is a toll free number so incoming calls are charged on a per minute basis. You can see our phone calling rates here.

Answering Service

If you choose to take an answer service, there are different tiers and the cost depends on the number of calls answered each month. They are:
Light: $29 per month. This includes 20 calls answered per month.
Medium: $49 per month. This includes 50 calls answered per month.
Large: $99 per month. This includes 100 calls answered per month.

If you receive additional calls over the number included in your plan, each additional call will cost $1.50NZD (including GST).

Our answering service can act as a receptionist or as a message service – it just depends on the script supplied. There is no difference in cost. Domestic and international transfers will have an additional per minute fee attached.

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