Can I get a telephone line through Private Box?

Along with the mailing services that Private Box offers, we can also provide a local New Zealand telephone line.  It is important to note that we cannot offer a telephone line on its own - you do need to have an existing account with a mailbox first.

Mailbox plans that you can add a telephone line to

The basic personal mailbox, business mailbox and premium mailbox can have a telephone line added for an additional cost.

Mailbox plans that include a telephone line as part of the rental fee

If you have chosen a Virtual Office plan with Private Box, a phone line is included with your plan already - you just need to let us know what kind of phone line you would like.  You also have an Answer Service provided with this plan.

How much will a telephone line cost me?

We have a detailed article that explains the costs of a telephone line, and the answering services which we can provide.

How do I set up a telephone line?

Setting up a telephone line is very easy.  We just have a few questions you need to answer.  We have a full guide available that explains what we need to know in order to get your phone line activated.

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