How to manually request Mail Destruction

This guide will walk you through manually requesting your mail for destruction.

You can also set up automatic mail destruction after it has been scanned.

When you log into your account, the first page is your inbox.  The inbox displays the mail currently held at Private Box.

You will need to select the mail you wish to destroy.  You can do this by clicking the small boxes on the left.

1. Tick these boxes to select individual items.

2. Tick this box to select all mail.

Now find the destroy button at the top of the screen.  It looks like this Destroy_Bin.png(like a rubbish bin)

A confirmation screen will then appear -


If you are happy to proceed you can click the confirm button to send your request to our mailroom team.

Now on your inbox, you'll see the mail you have requested to be destroyed is now marked as 'to be recycled'.





Your mail is now queued for destruction.

Undoing destruction requests

We do not process destruction requests for a 48 hour period to give you a chance to change your mind.  You can contact us to cancel the destruction request within this time period.

Please note - mail is shredded after 7 days. There is a small window to recover mail during this 7 day period. You can contact us to recover however we may charge a small fee for the time to search for your mail in our destruction bins!  

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