How Mail Destruction works

Private Box takes the security of our customer's mail very seriously.  We take every caution to ensure that your mail is always secure.

We partner with Iron Mountain to ensure that mail destruction is handled securely.

What happens when mail is destroyed?

Once processed, any paper mail that is to be destroyed is placed in a secure locked bin.  This bin is collected by Iron Mountain and taken to their secure facility for shredding and recycling.

If you have parcels or mail that contains physical items, the paper contents are sent for shredding and any physical items are disposed of appropriately.

Broken or unusable items will be destroyed.  Usable items will be put up for sale and all proceeds will be donated to charity.  If the item does not sell, the item itself will be donated to charity.

The Full Mail Destruction process 

1. A request is received by our mailroom for mail to be destroyed.

2. A minimum 48 hour period will pass before the mail is actually processed for destruction.

This 48 hour period is there as a buffer to allow our customers to get in touch with our staff.  This will allow our customers to rescue any mail that they might have accidentally requested for destruction.

3. Once the mail has been processed for destruction, it will no longer be visible in your inbox on the website.  At this point, customers still have 7 days to rescue mail if you don't want it destroyed.

At this point, your mail is placed into a small bin in our mailroom.  We hold mail in these bins for 7 days only.  After 7 days has passed, these bins are emptied into the secure locked Iron Mountain bin.

If you realise the mail has been destroyed at this point and you want the mail kept, you MUST contact our staff within this 7 days in order to rescue your mail.

4. Mail has now been fully processed for destruction, and there is no possibility to rescue the mail after this point.

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