Can Private Box send Cheques to the bank on my behalf?

Private Box can certainly send your cheques on to your New Zealand bank for processing on your behalf.  So if you still have customers who want to pay using cheque - we can help.

If you are expecting to receive cheques we recommend that you switch on Automatic Mail Scanning for your mail. This is so you always know the contents of your letters (otherwise we won't know there is a cheque inside). 

Please note: We only process cheques in NZD. 


Private Box charge an administration fee to process cheques on your behalf.

The total cost (which includes postage as well as processing), will be $10 for the first cheque, plus an additional $5 per each extra cheque. For example: say you have 3 cheques to process.  The total cost will therefore be $20  ($10 + $5 + $5).  

If you only have a single cheque to send, the total cost will only be $10.

Setting up cheque processing

To set up cheque processing service, we need the following:

  1. Written permission (this can be through an email) - this just needs to be something that states that you give Private Box permission to process cheques on your behalf.
  2. Your banks details (bank name, postal address and phone number).  We will also need the name of your account manager at the bank.
  3. Your bank account name
  4. Your bank account number

Processing cheques

Once you have set up cheque processing, and a cheque has been received that you'd like processed, just send an email to our mailroom staff and requesting that we process the cheque for you.  We'll take care of the rest!

Be sure to include details about which letter it is that contains your cheque.  This means our staff will know exactly which letter you are talking about and can get the cheque processed straight away.

Each letter has a unique identifying number (see image below) which you can see on your inbox on the website.  Just give us that number in your request and you'll be good to go. 


If you have any questions, or want further clarification about our cheque processing services, please contact us via email or give us a phone call at +64 4 831 1333

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