Setting up Rules & Folders for Automatic Mail Processing

Automate your mail processing at your Private Box address with Folders & Rules.


Folders are a great way to organise your mail into different departments for your organisation, or for sorting mail between your family members. You can read more about setting up folders here >>


There are 3 types of rules that you can combine to create powerful automatic processes:

  • Sorting rules - these are rules to sort incoming mail into folders based on the recipient
  • Folder rules - these are actions that you can take on the mail while it is at Private Box (like scanning & destruction)
  • Mail Forwarding Rules - these rules define the destination, service and frequency for forwarding your mail. 

Popular configurations

By default there are minimal rules setup on new Private Box accounts. Below are examples of the most popular tasks: 

  • Scan all new mail
  • Email PDF scans of all new mail, then securely destroy the hard copy
  • Hold your mail, then forward it every week (or fortnight or 28 days)

These, and many other configurations are possible.

You are in control

You can add, remove, or change the rules on your Private Box account when it suits you.

To access the rules for your account, simply open the drop down list at the top right of your screen when you are logged in, and select 'Mailbox' then the 'Rules' tab. 


'How to..' guides 

Below are how to guides for common rules:

  1. Automatic Mail Scanning
  2. Setting up Automatic Mail Scanning and Destruction
  3. Automatic Mail Forwarding

Save time and have piece of mind knowing that your mail is processed automatically with Rules & Folders.

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