Getting to know your Private Box account

Whenever you log into your account, the first page you will see is your Inbox.  From this page, you can access all other sections of your account.  This article is designed to help you find your way around.

1. The Inbox


This is the page where we display all the mail we hold at our offices for you, and also the page from which you can access all other functions for your account.  Any mail visible on this page is what we physically hold for you at our offices.  If it's not showing on this page, we don't hold the physical piece of mail.


2. Your Account balance


At the top right, you can see your current account balance - the money that is currently on your account that will go toward your mailbox rental, and any mail processing fees.  If you'd like to know more about how you can make payment to Private Box, we have a range of articles available here.

Click here to learn more about the prices of mail processing like scanning and mail forwarding.


3. Mail Folders


On the left side of your inbox you'll see a list of all the folders you have on your account.  Each folder could represent a member of your family, or a company.  Simply click on whichever folder you'd like to see in more detail, and you'll be taken to that folder's inbox so that you can see only the mail associated with that name or company.  The best part about this, is that each folder can have its own unique rules.

You can learn more about the folders and how to use them in a full article here.


4. Previously Processed Mail


Just below the list of folders, you'll see where you can access copies of your scanned mail, a history of the mail we have posted to you, and record of all mail destroyed in the last 7 days.


5. Mail Processing Options


Just above the list of mail, you'll see the buttons you click to request mail processing.

The first box is where you can tick to select ALL the mail in your inbox.  If you only want to choose some of your mail for processing use the boxes next to the individual items of mail.

Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited.png  This button lets you request mail for mail forwarding.  

Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited__2_.png  This button lets you request mail for scanning.  

Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited__3_.png  This button lets you request mail for destruction.  

Screenshot_2017-03-10_at_4.19.06_PM_-_Edited__4_.png  This button lets you request mail for scanning and immediate destruction.  


6. Account Administration and Settings


By clicking your name at the top right of the inbox, you'll get access to a drop down menu that will allow you to set up other automatic rules and settings on your account.

We have a full article that goes into detail about setting up the rules on your account.  These rules will let you choose how you want your mail processed automatically - that way you can just set up the settings, and not have to worry!  Whatever rules you have set up, is how Private Box will handle your mail.  You can change or remove the rules you have set at any time you wish.

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