Email Shortcuts for mail processing

To make things easier for our customers, we offer shortcuts that you can access directly through your email.  That way you can request further mail processing without needing to log into your account.

The email will look like this: 

Now you can simply click the relevant button in the email to have your mail processed for you without having to log into your account on the website.

How to activate the email shortcuts

The email shortcuts are only available if you have automatic mail scanning active, with copies of your scanned mail being sent to you via email.  To switch on the automatic scan and send to email rule, simply follow this guide.

Once you have your scans going directly to your email, you can go to your settings page on your account.  From here, go to the notifications tab.


All you need to do it tick the button that activates the email shortcuts.

What do the buttons mean?


Forward Mail:

Clicking this button will send an immediate request to our mail room team and ask them to post this piece of mail to you at the next opportunity.  The mail forwarding will only work using your previously used forwarding address.  If you don't currently have a forwarding address, you can update that information by following this guide.

If you are moving around frequently and often use different forwarding addresses whenever you send your mail, this quick request button will not be suitable for you, so you will be better off manually requesting mail forwarding through your inbox.

Destroy and Recycle:

Clicking this button will send a request to our mail room team and ask them to destroy the original physical copy of the mail you have had scanned.  By destroying the physical item, it will prevent you from being charged any mail storage fees on older items.  We have an article that explains how mail destruction works, and tells you how you may be able to rescue previously destroyed items if they were destroyed within the last 7 days.

You will always be able to view your scanned mail - even after the physical item is no longer here in our office.  The PDF copy will remain on your account until you either manually erase the file yourself, or if you close your account with Private Box.  You will never be charged a storage fee on PDF files.

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