Email Shortcuts for mail processing

To make things easier for our customers, we offer shortcuts that you can access directly through your email.  This means that once your mail has been scanned, you can decide what happens to that item of mail.  It enables you to quickly request that item be destroyed, or forwarded to you (at the forwarding address already saved to your account.  If you don't currently have a forwarding address, you can update that information by following this guide.)

The email shortcut function works the best when you have all of your mail scanned automatically once it has arrived in our office.  To switch on automatic mail scanning, simply follow this guide.

PLEASE NOTE: You will also need to make sure that a copy of your scan is sent to you via email as well.  By default, when mail is scanned, you will only receive an email notification that the scan has been completed.  You would normally need to log into your account on our website to access your scan.

**These instructions are for the old version of our website** To enable copies of your scanned mail be attached to your email, go to your 'mailbox' tab and go down to your identifiers.  

Click the edit button to get to the options, and put your email address in so our system knows where to send your scans to.

Now, you're ready for the next step.

To activate the email shortcuts, go to the 'my account' tab.

On the 'my account' page, you'll find the button that allows you to enable email shortcuts.  Just click the button.

You should then see that the text will change to read Enabled.

From now on, you'll receive the emails with shortcuts in them after your mail is scanned.


The email will look like this:


Now you can simply click the relevant button in the email to have your mail processed for you without having to log into your account on the website.

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